How to Fight Seasonal Affective Disorder & Get More Vitamin D This Winter

December 27, 2023

Fight Seasonal Affective Disorder with Vitamin D Does sunshine cure seasonal depression? Seasonal Affective Disorder (SAD) is a condition, commonly referred to as seasonal depression, that strikes during the winter. Cold, short days cause a lot of people to stay indoors, preventing them from getting enough Vitamin D from sunlight. Get outside in Mooresville this winter at local spots like Lake Norman where you can go hiking, boating, or fishing with groups like Fish On ...

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How to Handle Kitchen Burns

December 11, 2023

Holiday Kitchen Safety: How to Handle Kitchen Burns Effectively During the holidays, people like to get out and enjoy all that our hometown has to offer. Visitors and locals alike frequent hot spots like the Ghostface Brewing Beer Lab, one of Mooresville’s seven craft breweries found on the Mooresville Ale Trail. For a family-friendly adventure, holiday travelers may take their kids to check out the Lazy 5 Ranch during their Christmas vacation. You may ...

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