Why Do Viruses Become More Contagious in the Winter?

February 15, 2022

It’s safe to assume you’re aware that the winter months are notorious for bringing a slew of viruses along with them. In the past, the flu has been the thing that most of us focused our time and attention on avoiding, but with the prevalence of COVID-19, things have certainly changed. According to experts, COVID-19 will likely become seasonal, much like the flu. But, why? Continue reading for some helpful answers from our ...

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Is It Possible to Treat Croup at Home? - AFC Urgent Care of Mooresville, NC

February 3, 2022

Croup is a common illness among young children. Many kids between the ages of 3 months and 5 years get it, but it’s typically not a huge cause for concern as most cases can be treated without seeking medical help. Our AFC Urgent Care Mooresville team provides more helpful info on croup below, so keep reading! What Causes Croup? The most common cause of croup is a virus that leads to swelling of the ...

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