Is Salmonella an Infection?

May 1, 2023

Is Salmonella an Infection?

If you have ever had a salmonella infection before, you know how unpleasant they can be! Salmonella bacteria infect the intestinal tract and can cause gastrointestinal symptoms that are really frustrating to deal with.

Salmonella infections are a type of food poisoning you can contract when you come into contact with contaminated food or water. It often shares similar symptoms with common stomach bugs, so it can be hard to tell the difference on your own.

Our AFC Urgent Care Mooresville team explains more about a salmonella infection below, so read on.

Where Does Salmonella Bacteria Come From?

Salmonella is a type of bacteria that can live in a variety of conditions. It can be found in animals, on raw fruits and vegetables, in unpasteurized dairy products and raw eggs. It can even be found in water that has been contaminated.

If you consume any of this contaminated food or drink, the bacteria can make its way into your intestinal tract and start to cause you discomfort. This is one of the reasons why you should always follow the temperature guidelines when cooking meat and always wash fruits and vegetables thoroughly before consuming them.

Salmonella Symptoms to Expect

  • Diarrhea
  • Stomach cramps
  • Fever
  • Nausea
  • Headache

How Long Does a Salmonella Infection Last?

It can vary from person to person, but a typical infection lasts between four and seven days. While you wait to recover, it is important to take care of yourself. Get proper rest, eat foods that agree with your stomach and stay hydrated. It can be easy to become dehydrated when you are experiencing diarrhea, so you need to keep drinking water even if you aren’t notably thirsty.

Most salmonella infections can be managed at home, but certain individuals need to keep a closer eye on their symptoms. Infants, children and adults can all experience more severe infections, and sometimes the infection can spread beyond the intestines. If your symptoms get worse instead of better or you are experiencing any of the warning signs below, come see us!

When to See a Doctor for Salmonella

  • Your symptoms last more than a few days
  • You experience bloody stools
  • You have a high-grade fever of 102 degrees or higher that won’t go away
  • You are severely dehydrated

Stomach issues can be really frustrating. Come see us at AFC Urgent Care Mooresville for a diagnosis.

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