At What Point Do I Need to Have an STD Test?

September 1, 2022

At What Point Do I Need to Have an STD Test?

Contracting an STD should be treated like any other common illness you have. Testing for and treating the problem will help you overcome it quicker and prevent the problem from getting worse.

If you know you have an STD, you can also avoid passing on to another person. Your sexual health directly impacts the rest of your overall health, so it needs to be treated as such.

If you are planning to change partners soon or you just began a new relationship, you should get tested. This protects you as well as your new partner, who should also be tested. We can make the process of STD testing simple and efficient for you at AFC Urgent Care Mooresville!

What Symptoms of an STD Should I Look For?

If you are experiencing symptoms of an STD, chances are you already know that something is up. Burning during urination, abnormal discharge and pain during or after intercourse are usually indications that it is time to be seen by a medical professional.

But the unfortunate thing about STDs is that you could still have one and feel just fine. This is why testing frequently is so important. Our testing process is simple, and we can come up with an appropriate treatment plan for you right away. For a complete list of what we can test for, visit our website! Below are a few of the tests we provide.

Common STD Tests at AFC Mooresville

  • Chlamydia
  • Gonorrhea
  • Syphilis
  • Trichomoniasis

Can I Ignore Symptoms of an STD?

Please don’t do that! We know that discussing STDs with a doctor or another medical provider may make you nervous or anxious, but failing to treat a simple STD can result in developing long-term problems later in life. You might experience infertility, pregnancy issues and pelvic inflammatory disease.

We test for and treat STDs all of the time, so you will certainly not be the first patient to come to us asking for help. We will treat you with the respect and discretion you deserve so you can go back to living your best life as soon as possible.

How to Prevent an STD

  • Test frequently/before a new relationship.
  • Communicate diagnoses with your partner.
  • Always use a condom during sexual contact.
  • Get vaccinated for hepatitis A, hepatitis B and HPV.

Are you concerned that you contracted an STD? Come get tested at AFC Mooresville today.

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