Why Do Summer Camps Require Physicals?

June 16, 2021


Camp physicals are typically required for all children at summer camps throughout the state. If your child is planning on attending a camp, it can be assumed they’ll need a physical. At AFC Urgent Care Methuen, we provide sport & camp physicals to all children on a walk-in basis. Our providers are trained to give your child the best care possible. Visit our center today to get your child started on their summer activities.

Why Camp Physicals are Important

Camp physicals are important for your child and others. They provide the necessary medical check-up to ensure your child can participate in all of the camp activities. In many cases, summer camps have outdoor activities, hiking, swimming, and sports included in their daily activities. Camp physicals can help give you peace of mind knowing your child is able to participate in them without injury.

Additionally, camp physicals can give your child the vaccinations they may need in order to stay healthy. Not only are certain diseases nearly eradicated by vaccinations, but up-to-date vaccines such as tetanus can help save your child’s life if necessary.

What Camp Physicals Include

The objective of a camp physical is to determine whether there are pre-existing conditions that may become worse by the activities and environment of a summer camp. They’re meant to keep all children safe by preventing the spread of otherwise preventable illnesses. They are also meant to help keep the camp counselors informed about any potential illness, such as asthma, that should be watched. Camp physicals typically include:

  • A review of your child’s medical history and family medical history
  • Checking all vital signs, height, and weight
  • Treatment planning
  • Vaccination review

What to Bring to the Physical

It’s important to remember to bring all required paperwork from the camp. This way, the provider who is doing the physical exam can sign everything they need to right then. Be sure to bring any appropriate medical documentation and vaccination reviews. Be sure to bring any prescription eyewear, inhalers, or EpiPen if they are available.

All parents should be prepared to discuss any potential health concerns. Accidents happen, and you should be prepared to know the scope of the possible injury. Concussions, sprains, or breaks all need to be monitored after they happen.

Where can my child receive a camp physical?

AFC Urgent Care Methuen provides all patients with camp physicals. We know how important summer activities are to children and their development. That is why we want to make receiving a physical exam convenient for all patients within the area. Walk into our center today or call us at 978-975-0700 for more information.


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