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FAQs in Methuen at AFC Urgent Care

What is Urgent Care? 
Urgent Care describes any medical need that is non-life-threatening, yet requiring of immediate assistance. Examples could include bruises, minor cuts and non-emergency illnesses.

However, AFC Urgent Care Methuen offers a range of services many urgent care centers do not offer. We treat the following:

  • Minor Injuries: Cuts, bruises, scrapes, sprains, etc…
  • Non-life-threatening illnesses: Influenza, sinus infections, colds, coughs, asthma
  • Migraine headaches
  • Insect bites/rashes
  • Pneumonia
  • Strep throat
  • Bronchitis

Again, it’s best to visit an emergency room if you feel your injury or illness is life-threatening. But for any of the above-bulleted injuries/illnesses, we are more-than-capable of treating. You will additionally save a significant amount of time by visiting us instead of an ER or primary care physician.

Do I need a referral to be accommodated at AFC Urgent Care Methuen?
No, you are not required to have a referral to take advantage of our services.

Do I need to schedule an appointment?
Nope, you never need to schedule an appointment to visit us. In fact, we encourage walk-ins as our providers are always at the ready and prepared to bring the best urgent and in all of Essex County.

Do you offer Occupational Health services as well?
Yes! We offer a variety of Occupational Health services to employers to help ensure the safety of their workers and thus, help make their operation run smoother. Our staff has extensive experience working in occupational health and can help guide employers through the entire process.

Our occupational health services include:

  • Respiratory Fit Test

    AFC Urgent Care Waltham can perform respirator fit tests as required by OSHA. Testing is completed at our state-of-the-art facility in Waltham and usually takes no more than 15 minutes.

  • Pulmonary Function Test

    AFC Urgent Care Waltham can conduct a Spirometry test to measure volume and speed of breath. This is common if an employer needs to measure the pulmonary function of an employee.

  • Lift Test

    Lift tests can be performed at our facility to ensure that your employee can lift the required minimum weight. Our doctors can perform tests to meet the needs of your company.

  • Tuberculosis Skin Test (PPD)

    If you feel someone may have been exposed to Tuberculosis causing bacteria, AFC Urgent Care Waltham can perform a skin test. Our facility is also equipped with X-Ray equipment and technicians if a chest x-ray is needed for further assessment.

  • Vision/Whisper Test

    AFC Urgent Care Waltham can perform vision tests which includes tests for color blindness or visual acuity. We can also perform tests to find hearing ability of your employees

  • For more information on any of our Occupational Health Services, contact us today at 978-975-0700.

How much will your services cost if I don’t have insurance?
While costs vary depending on the injury (for instance, an x-ray will cost more than a flu shot), our services are discounted for patients without health insurance.
Call us directly at 978-975-0700 for more information.

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