What Happens During a School Physical?

July 24, 2023

School physicals are an essential aspect of every child’s well-being. These exams play a crucial role in ensuring students are in good health before the academic year. Whether you’re a parent preparing your child for their upcoming school physical, or a student curious about what to expect, continue reading. This blog will explain the typical process of a school physical and highlight its significance for the community.

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Understanding School Physicals

School physicals are more than just a requirement to attend school. They are crucial for monitoring and promoting a child’s health and well-being. Regular physical exams can help identify health issues early, which can lead to timely treatment if necessary. School physicals ensure that students are physically fit to participate in various activities and contribute to a healthier and safer learning environment.

Physical exams are designed to evaluate an individual’s overall health and identify any existing medical issues. At AFC Urgent Care Lakewood, our medical team can provide personalized recommendations for preventative care. We conduct thorough school physicals to ensure kids are ready for the school year ahead.

What To Expect at the Exam

There are a few things you can expect to occur at a typical school physical. To start, your healthcare provider will generally review the child’s medical history. This includes a discussion about any past illnesses, injuries, allergies, medications, and vaccinations. Understanding your child’s medical background helps your provider tailor the examination to address specific concerns and identify any risk factors.

During the actual examination, the healthcare provider will assess various aspects of the child’s health. They will check your child’s height and weight, measure their blood pressure, and evaluate their overall growth and development. The physical will also involve an examination of the heart, lungs, abdomen, eyes, ears, nose, throat, and skin.

Following the assessment, your provider will also recommend any necessary immunizations. They will review your child’s vaccination records to ensure everything is up-to-date. Vaccines not only protect your kid, but also prevent illnesses from spreading in the school community.

Post-Exam Discussion

The school physical exam is an opportunity to discuss general health and lifestyle guidance. Your healthcare provider may address topics like nutrition, exercise, sleep, and personal hygiene. They can offer guidance on maintaining a healthy lifestyle and making healthier choices that contribute to overall well-being. If you have any specific concerns or questions, be sure to address them with your provider. They can offer valuable insight, offer advice, and recommend further evaluation if necessary. Be sure to bring any necessary documents or health forms with you. If the physical satisfies the school’s health requirements, the provider can fill out these forms that may be required for participation in school and sports activities.

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