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Employer Services

AFC Urgent Care Lakewood works with organizations of all sizes including local businesses, school districts and government groups to provide high-quality medical care and ensure each employee can perform their job functions safely. From pre-employment physicals for new hires to periodic drug testing to make sure your workplace stays safe and treatment for on-the-job injuries, AFC Urgent Care Lakewood can work with your business to develop a full occupational health program to keep your employees healthy. By working with our urgent care center, you will be able to have more streamlined recordkeeping by having necessary paperwork in one location, rather than calling around to different facilities. Our return-to-work protocol is designed to monitor patients and their progress, so they can be cleared to return to your workplace without risk of reinjury to themselves or others. 

Occupational Health Services Offered at AFC Urgent Care Lakewood

AFC Urgent Care Lakewood offers a full range of services for businesses and employees, including:

All employee health services are provided by a board-certified physician or provider. Additional tests performed at our walk-in urgent care center include vision and hearing checks, blood pressure and pulmonary function screenings. Visits are accepted at our facility seven days a week.

Employer & Occupational Health Services in Lakewood, Littleton & Golden, CO

If you are looking for ways to keep your workers healthy, call AFC Urgent Care Lakewood to set up an occupational health program for your business. Our center has extended hours into the evenings and on weekends to avoid missing work and lost productivity, and walk-in patients are always welcome. To set up an appointment or to learn more about occupational health, please call 303-988-3600.

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