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Pre-Employment Physicals

Employers require a workplace that is safe, healthy, and proactive for their employees. A major requirement in a successful employer health plan, and a successful workplace, is employee access to pre-employment physicals. 

The good news for local employers in Lakewood, Conifer, and Littleton is that AFC Urgent Care Lakewood administers a variety of pre-employment physicals for your workers. Contact our urgent care team today to coordinate employee physicals for your staff and provide accessible exams for your workers. 

Simple walk-in clinic access for employee physicals 

Pre-employment physicals vary based on the industry that your business operates. Certain physicals may measure specific job requirements or provide a general overview of your employee’s health. Employees can get the physical they need to start work, without any additional hassle, by visiting AFC Urgent Care. 

Our walk-in clinic allows patients to come in for their physical without the need for an appointment. Patients can wait for their physical and get care on a first-come, first-serve basis. A provider will then coordinate your employee’s physical, provide follow-up recommendations if needed, and get your employees ready for work. 

Additionally, employers and employees may schedule their physicals in advance if that is more convenient for all parties involved. Just contact our team today for more information. 

Employment physicals available at AFC Urgent Care Lakewood 

AFC Urgent Care Lakewood offers a variety of physicals for patients that need to begin work or resume their responsibilities. A short list of the physicals available at AFC Urgent Care include the following: 

  • Entry physical exams 
  • Return-to-work physical exams 
  • Medical surveillance exams and lab testing
  • Vision and hearing screening
  • Immunization checks 

Need to kick start your employer health services soon? Then give AFC Urgent Care Lakewood a call. Our team serves businesses around Lakewood, Conifer, Littleton, Evergreen, and other nearby communities. 

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