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Tick Bite Treatment

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Tick Bite Treatment

Tick Bite Treatment in Boiling Springs, SC

AFC Urgent Care Located at 2746 Boiling Springs Rd Boiling Springs, SC Is Open 8am-8pm Mon – Fri and 8am – 5pm Sat – Sun. Our Walk-in Clinic Doctors and Medical Professionals Can Remove Ticks and Treat Infections. Call (864) 586-3923.

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You might assume that ticks are only found deep in the woods in rural areas outside of Boiling Springs. However, ticks can also be as easily found in your backyard as they can in the backwoods. Bites from these small, brown pests can be painful and are always irritating. Unfortunately, an additional health risk lurks with ticks: the diseases and illnesses these bugs have the potential to carry. They can infect humans as well as animals, including household pets.

Instead of worrying whether or not to spend time outside, follow some simple guidelines and you can keep you and your family healthy during the summer. There’s no need to curtail outdoor activities because of a fear of tick bites. You can enjoy time spent outside and lower your risk of exposure to severe illnesses, like Lyme Disease.

Our board-certified doctors at AFC Urgent Care Boiling Springs know what signs to look for to indicate a tick bite. Our years of experience will quickly identify a tick bite, remove the pest if it has latched onto your skin, and then treat you if we see signs of an infection. Our onsite lab can run the tests needed to confirm your diagnosis.

Are you worried about spending time outside and don’t know exactly what to do to protect your health? Don’t let ticks put a damper on your summer vacation. Follow these simple steps below to help safeguard yourself from these pests.

 Where do ticks live?

Ticks tend to live outdoors in areas that are very moist. You are more likely to find them in leaves, tall grass, or shrubs. Keep that in mind if you consider walking in these areas during the summer.

 Preventing tick bites

If you avoid ticks, then you avoid tick bites. This strategy may not always be practical. If you are spending time outside in an area that has a high risk for ticks, coat your clothing with permethrin. Ticks will be killed when they come in contact with this chemical.

For your exposed skin, use repellents that contain DEET. If you are sweating a lot outside or otherwise getting wet, re-apply the repellent to your skin several times throughout the day. This will ensure you do not lose any protection if some washes off.

When returning from the outdoors, check your body and clothes for ticks. Use a mirror or a friend to be thorough to ensure no ticks are clinging to your body. We also suggest showering to wash off any ticks crawling around your body and also to wash off the chemicals of the repellent.

 Checking for ticks

You must be thorough when checking for ticks. It isn’t hard, but you could miss these little pests if you aren’t careful. After you check your clothes, check your body for these bugs. Ticks tend to hide in your hair and underarms, so pay close attention to these areas.

I think a tick has bitten me, what should I do?

There’s no need to panic if you find a tick on your body. It’s more common than you think to pick one up over the summer. If the tick has bitten and latched onto your skin, you must remove it carefully. Take great care not to leave any parts behind when you use tweezers to pull them in a slow, twisting motion.

If you can’t remove the tick or fear that pieces have been left behind in your skin, then visit AFC Urgent Care Boiling Springs today! Any parts of the tick left in your skin, especially the head, can cause severe illnesses and infections.

When a tick is removed from your skin, keep a watchful eye on the area for any signs of an infection. If a rash develops at the site where the tick bit you, something may not be right, and you should come in for further medical evaluation and testing. No appointment is needed to see our doctors!

AFC Urgent Care Boiling Springs is located 2746 Boiling Springs Rd Boiling Springs, SC 29316. We are open Monday through Friday from 8am to 8pm and on Saturday and Sunday from 8am to 5pm. Do you have questions about tick bites or our other services? Call our friendly staff today (864) 586-3923. We look forward to meeting you!

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