AFC Urgent Care Ballantyne: Hometown Care You Can Trust

March 15, 2023

AFC Urgent Care Ballantyne: Hometown Care You Can Trust

When the entire world dealt with the effects of the pandemic, each community and industry had to shift to either stay open or continue to provide a service. That certainly was the case with the healthcare industry!

We are grateful for the perseverance of our community, and we are happy to share that the pandemic’s emergency status is set to expire in May! That means that certain processes and procedures that were in place will either go away or be adjusted again. Included in that list of processes is telemedicine and virtual visits.

Our team doesn’t want you to worry about that, though! An in-person visit at AFC Urgent Care Ballantyne will always be available as an option for our community. We explain the benefits of an in-person visit below, so check it out.

What Can I Expect From an In-Person Visit at AFC?

Imagine waking up feeling really miserable when the day before you felt fine. That can be a really scary experience! When you choose to go in person to be seen by a medical professional, you are setting yourself up for success. By putting yourself directly in front of the people who can help you, it can lead to a faster and more accurate diagnosis!

When you meet with one of our medical providers, he or she will take a thorough health history and do a complete evaluation of your symptoms. While this experience might initially feel overwhelming or scary, we aren’t scared. We are trained to handle many kinds of illnesses and injuries. This is what makes an in-person visit so great. We can see the area of concern up-close and make a more confident diagnosis.

Why You Should Choose an In-Person Visit

  • Access to testing like bloodwork or an X-ray
  • Quality patient/provider relationships
  • Accurate and comprehensive diagnosis
  • Personal touch and genuine compassion

Are All of Your Services Available Every Day?

They sure are! That’s another great thing about a visit to AFC. If your condition or illness is not immediately obvious to us through a visual exam, we can use other diagnostic tools to help us along the way. An X-ray, blood work or a rapid test can help confirm our diagnosis or point us in another direction.

None of that is possible with a virtual visit. Our job is to make sure you are well-cared for and diagnosed accurately, and an in-person visit is just how we do that. We are open seven days a week and a medical provider is always on-site. Come see us today!

In-Person Diagnostic Resources

  • Thorough, patient-centered visits
  • Lab services
  • X-rays
  • Rapid testing for flu, COVID-19, strep throat and someSTDs

We are always here for you. Come see us at AFC Urgent Care Ballantyne today.

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