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AFC Watertown Frequently Asked Questions

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Frequently Asked Questions (faqs)

What is Urgent Care?

Urgent care applies to injuries and illnesses that are in need of immediate care, but are not necessarily life-threatening. Certain conditions MUST be treated at an Emergency Room, as many injuries and illnesses require equipment and/or medication that we do not possess. This also applies to broken bones, as our staff does not supply casting.

However, our facility does have an x-ray machine, so we can diagnose broken bones, in addition to many other injuries. We also provide treatment for many injuries/illnesses urgent care centers have traditionally NOT treated.

We treat the following:

  • Bronchitis
  • Insect bites/rashes
  • Minor Injuries: Cuts, bruises, scrapes, sprains, etc…
  • Non-life-threatening illnesses: Influenza, sinus infections, colds, coughs, asthma
  • Migraine headaches
  • Pneumonia
  • Strep throat

For any lacerations, our staff can provide stitching to patients. Call us at (617) 923-2273 for more information regarding what injuries/illnesses we treat.

Can we visit your center for day-to-day services in lieu of a primary care physician?

Yes. Our physicians would be happy to accommodate any patient, whatever age, seeking primary care services.

This includes:

  • Flu shots
  • Drug testing
  • Pediatrics
  • Routine physicals
  • Sports physicals
  • STD testing
  • Travel physicals/travel vaccines
  • X-rays

Do I need a referral to visit AFC Urgent Care Watertown?

No. You never need a referral to take advantage of our services.

Will I ever need to schedule an appointment?

As a walk-in clinic, we make all of our services available anytime during business hours – with no appointment necessary.

Do you offer employers assistance with occupational health services?

Occupational health is a big emphasis of ours here at AFC Urgent Care Watertown. Our team has extensive experience assisting some of Middlesex County’s biggest employers with occupational health.

Using our on-site lab, we conduct a number of testing services, such as DOT testing and pre-employment drug scans. Our physicians can additionally provide guidance on workers’ compensation matters as well.

What Insurances plans do you accept?

What if I do not have insurance? Do you offer any self-pay options?

Our self-pay billing options are extremely affordable, especially compared to an emergency room’s. Call us at (617) 923-2273 for more specific self-pay billing information.

Why does your center not know about my deductible?

This is information delineated in your health insurance contract and not shared with us due to the high number of insurance plans existing today. We can try to verify this by accessing your insurance companies website but this will tell us the total deductible you have for the year but not how much of the deductible you have paid. Sometimes these verification websites are not working especially in evenings, weekends and holidays.

I have insurance! How come I have to pay for services I got at your center?

The amount you have to pay to us depends on your insurance company and your contract with them. We do not write the rules. The insurance company determines the allowed amount, copayments, co-insurance and deductibles. These can vary from person to person even with the same insurance company. It is best to talk to your insurance company to have an idea what you would have to pay.

What is a typical copayment at your center?

This is determined by your insurance company. Your copayment at our center can vary from the same amount as you would pay at your primary care office to that you would pay at a specialist office. Some insurance companies now have a separate “urgent care" or “walk in" copayment. In either case the copayment is significantly lower than going to the Emergency Room. It is best to contact your insurance company to clarify.

Why do I have a separate bill for labs sent to me?

All labs are sent out to an independent lab. These labs bill your insurance directly and again the insurance determines how much it will pay and the rest is the patient’s responsibility. All questions related to laboratory charges should be directed to the Lab performing the labs and your insurance company.

Who can I speak with regarding my insurance coverage or rates?

Please call your insurance provider directly for details related to your individual coverage, urgent care co-pay rates or deductibles pertaining to your personal healthcare insurance coverage.

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