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What Insurances do you Accept?

AFC Urgent Care Watertown accepts most major health insurance plans. Here is a partial list of the some of the insurance companies with which we are currently contracted:

If you do not see your insurance listed please call us at (617) 923-2273 to verify if we are contracted with your plan. For those without health insurance, we offer an affordable self-pay option.

How much will my INSURED visit cost?

When paying through insurance, you will be responsible for the urgent care copay listed on your insurance card or insurance plan’s website, which is typically between $20-$75 depending on your insurance provider. Once you are seen by a healthcare provider, the bill is submitted to the health insurance carrier. The health insurance then determines the share they will pay based on your contract. They also determine what the “allowed amount" for a service is. However, if you have not met your annual deductible or any portion of your visit is not covered by your insurance plan, additional charges may be allocated as your responsibility.

Glossary of Terms:

Deductible: The amount that the insured (patient) must pay out-of-pocket before the health insurance company pays its share.

Copay: This is a fixed payment for a covered service, paid when an individual receives medical service. It is defined in an insurance policy of your health insurance company.

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