How Do Urgent Care Centers Treat Viruses?

January 25, 2021


Viral infections such as the flu are quite common during the winter months. Sometimes, the symptoms of such a viral infection may get out of hand. Fortunately, you have nothing to worry about as they are easily treatable at urgent care centers. Urgent care centers help with diagnosing and treating viruses such as the flu. It’s best to receive urgent care if you or a loved one is suffering from severe flu symptoms. You’re probably wondering how urgent care centers operate. Here is some information on how urgent care centers diagnose and treat different viruses.

How Urgent Care Centers Diagnose a Virus

For a diagnosis, you need to visit an urgent care center for a thorough check-up. Here, the staff will first inquire about the symptoms you’re experiencing and take your vital signs. If your condition is severe, the staff may conduct a physical examination as many viruses are difficult to detect right away. Depending on the viral infection you may have, you will have to take a few blood tests or a simple throat swab. For an accurate diagnosis, you must provide all information about your symptoms and if you have noticed anything unusual in your health condition.

Treatments Offered At Urgent Care Centers for Viruses

After assessing your symptoms and making a diagnosis, staff at the urgent care center will start treating your viral infection. In case you are suffering from symptoms like an unbearable fever, the staff will first control your chills and bring your fever down. To prevent symptoms from getting worse, they will maintain proper hydration by giving you fluids.

They may also offer a vaccine if you are not up to date with immunizations by giving you the flu shot. Flu shots are quite helpful as they reduce the risk of catching the flu by over 80%. The staff will also prescribe basic medication that will help alleviate symptoms of the flu. They will also provide some basic guidelines on what measures you can take at home.

You can treat most of these viruses at home if you have the basic knowledge. However, in some cases, when symptoms start to get severe, you must receive medical care from the nearest urgent care center. If you want to receive effective treatment for an injury or symptoms, visit your urgent care center to learn more!


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