Could There Be a COVID-19 Vaccine Before Thanksgiving?

November 23, 2020


Talk of a COVID-19 vaccine has been going around since COVID-19 first began to spread, but there seem to be more questions than answers. With the holidays approaching and people wanting to gather with their loved ones, everyone is getting more anxious about if and when a vaccine will be available. Let’s discuss what we know right now, and what the future is likely to hold this holiday season.

When Will the Vaccine Become Available?

There is no set date as to when a vaccine will become available, but states are being urged to have a plan to distribute vaccines as soon as possible The federal government is prepared to begin distributing vaccines as soon as 1 day after a vaccine is approved for public use. Unfortunately, there’s no way to no for sure if that will be before or after thanksgiving, but at least we know it’s getting closer!

Staying Safe in the Meantime

While health experts work to create a vaccine that’s fit for use in the public, each person needs to take accountability for their own health and follow all recommended COVID-19 precautions. Social distancing, wearing a mask outside of your home, and good hand hygiene are the most important precautions to follow. Each city and state may have stricter COVID-19 measures in place depending on the number of cases in that specific area. Stay up to date with local and state guidelines in your area to ensure your family is staying safe while we wait for a vaccine!

Getting Tested and Evaluating Symptoms

If you or someone in your home begins to display COVID-19 symptoms, contact a nearby urgent care center right away to get tested and to begin managing the symptoms. An urgent care center can also help to determine your personal health risk in terms of COVID-19 exposure based on age and medical conditions, even if you have no current symptoms. This will allow you to understand what you could be up against if you’re exposed to the virus in the future.

When a vaccine for COVID-19 does become available, your state will provide more information about how to get vaccinated ASAP, maybe even before thanksgiving. Continue to follow COVID-19 guidelines and plan your thanksgiving accordingly but be optimistic that a vaccine could change things between now and then! High risk individuals should opt for a virtual celebration or a small celebration with those in their home until a vaccine becomes available.


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