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Worker’s Compensation

Employers of all sizes require an employee health program and services that can help treat immediate injuries for their patients, resolve claims, and address other workplace safety concerns. That is why AFC Urgent Care Warrington is proud to provide worker’s compensation program for your businesses to ensure that employers and employees alike are maintaining a safe workplace enviornment.

Without a worker’s compensation program, your employees could experience significant health and safety issues. A strong worker’s comp programs ensures that your business has a medical outlet, and team of experts, to make your workplace safer for everyone. Additionally, employers can leverage a worker’s compensation program to help educate employees and managers on best safety practices for your industry!

If you’re interested in learning more about our worker’s compensation programs, or want to start one ASAP, please contact our team today at (215) 874-3209!

What do our worker’s compensation programs cover?

A worker’s compensation program at AFC Urgent Care Warrington helps resolve patient safety issues and address immediate injuries. A list of the services that our worker’s compensation program can provide includes the following:

  • Sudden injury treatment
  • Workplace safety training
  • Walk-in clinic access for illness and injury
  • Same-day medical evaluations for employers
  • Physicals and evaluations including return to work and Pre-employment Physicals

Our worker’s compensation programs are designed to help you and your employees maintain a productive, happy, and safe environment. Learn more today at our local urgent care center!


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