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Drug Testing

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Drug Testing

Employee Drug Testing Services in Warrington, PA

Companies of all sizes need comprehensive occupational health services that provide a safe and healthy work environment for all of your employers. That is why AFC Urgent Care Warrington includes drug testing as part of our suite of employee health services for businesses of all sizes.

Drug testing is a key part of any small business to ensure that you can effectively keep employees from any potential harm while on the job. Let the experts at AFC Warrington administer drug tests that are accurate, coordinated, and manageable for your business. If you need more information please contact us immediately at 215-874-3209 or speak with a team member to get started!

What tests are administered at AFC Urgent Care Warrington?

AFC Urgent Care Warrington is able to administer a variety of drug tests for businesses of all sizes within multiple stages of the hiring process, or during an employee’s time with your business. Our providers are trained in administering accurate drug tests that can detect emerging substance abuse issues or previous use.

Maintaining a drug-free and safe work environment helps to keep employees productive and safe while at work. The types of drug testing that we can provide includes:

  • Pre-employement drug testing
  • Random drug screenings
  • Corporate level drug testing
  • Return-to-work testing
  • Post accident drug testing

At AFC Urgent Care Warrington, we want to keep your employees as health as possible for their work, and to ensure that your businesses remain successful! If you have any questions please contact us today!

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