What Should I Know About Rapid COVID-19 Testing?

January 21, 2021

The COVID-19 pandemic has led to a second wave to start of 2021, which means that available testing and vaccinations are crucial to help our community transition to the “new normal.” Vaccinations are going to be scheduled based on age group and specific occupational hierarchy (healthcare providers, first responders, essential workers) so many patients will need to asses their infection risks with COVID-19 testing.

The good news for patients is that rapid COVID-19 testing provides a quick diagnosis of COVID-19 and allows patients to determine their next steps for quarantine and returning to work. AFC Urgent Care Warrington offers rapid COVID-19 testing that offers same-day results to make it even easier for evaluating a potential infection.

Rapid COVID-19 testing is similar to standard PCR testing: both processes use a nasal swab to diagnose a patient to analyze molecular material that indicates a positive or negative infection. However, rapid testing is usually a bit more expensive but offers results on the same day while standard COVID testing is covered by most insurances. We always recommend that you consult your insurance provider to learn more about the price and availability of testing on your insurance plan.

Our team has complied more FAQs regarding rapid COVID-19 testing so our patients can make the best decisions about getting testing. And if you need to schedule rapid COVID-19 testing please contact our urgent care center and testing facility today for more info!

When should I get Rapid COVID-19 Testing?

If a patient begins to experience symptoms of COVID-19 — such as fever, congestion, headache, and coughing — and has been in contact with a confirmed patient they should get Rapid COVID-19 testing. Any risk of COVID-19 including symptoms, immediate contact with an infected patient, or travel to a high-risk community with significant case counts should be followed up with a COVID test.

Symptomatic patients that are planning to go back to work, school, or travel should always consider a rapid COVID-19 test. Patients that are working from home and remaining in quarantine are not as likely to benefit from a rapid test. If your risks are low and your health is still intact a rapid test may not be the most important need.

How fast is Rapid COVID-19 Testing at AFC Urgent Care Warrington?

A patient can expect their Rapid COVID-19 test results on the same day as their visit. When a patient confirms a rapid COVID-19 test, our state-of-the art lab and testing kits allow our team to finalize results in just an hour of the test. The speed and accuracy of rapid tests allows patients to quickly determine their risk for an active COVID-19 infection.

The demand for COVID-19 testing and rapid testing may lead to a bit of a wait for patients to determine their testing date as well as the specific time for testing. Please consult our team if you have further questions. Our providers aim to test as many people possible in a given day, and with testing taking so little time to complete, the sheer volume of testing patients may likely cause delays.

Need a COVID test right away? Then book your visit online at AFC Urgent Care Warrington!

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