Rapid Testing FAQs for Patients

February 3, 2021

Patients need COVID-19 testing in order to return to work, school, and normal activities as restrictions on businesses open and our communities go back to a “new normal.” Sometimes, a patient may need a faster type of COVID-19 testing than the standard PCR nasal swab if they are going back to work/travel/etc. on a short notice. Luckily, patients can book Rapid COVID-19 testing at AFC Urgent Care Warrington so they can have same-day results of their COVID test!

Before booking a COVID test it helps to learn the policies and procedures at our urgent care center and COVID-19 testing facility. Our rapid tests are available at certain times of the day and on a first-come, first-serve basis. If you’re interested in a rapid COVID test we suggest you read the FAQs below to get started!

What is the benefit of a Rapid COVID test?

A Rapid COVID-19 test provides your diagnosis and test results on the same day as your visit with minimal wait times. A Rapid test is able to quickly and accurately identify if a patient’s symptoms are the result of a COVID infection. Rapid tests are the most accurate within the first seven days of getting symptoms, which can help patients determine if they need to quarantine or are ready to travel freely.

Patients at AFC Urgent Care Warrington recieve their test results in less than one hour during their visit. In terms of speed and time-efficient testing, the rapid COVID test is the best option.

How do I get a Rapid COVID-19 Test?

If you’re a patient that needs a Rapid COVID-19 test, then it helps to understand the check-in procedures at our clinic. It is important to note that patients with COVID-19 risks and symptoms will not be seen in clinic and instead are tested in a separate triage space. At AFC Urgent Care Warrington our patients must visit our physical clinic to then be seen for COVID-19 rapid testing.

Unless our staff requests asymptomatic patients to come into the clinic, you will likely be tested once you arrive at the clinic and wait with other walk-in patients. Asymptomatic patients will need to follow our provider team’s instructions for specific pre-travel testing and other specialized circumstances.

For the most part, just simply visit our clinic to get started with a rapid COVID test.

When and how do I get my COVID test results?

At our clinic, we’ll contact your through SMS or text message once your results come through for any type of COVID-19 testing. Our staff will direct you to our text line so that once your results come through they are sent directly to you. If you need a rapid testing, then visit AFC Urgent Care Warrington today!

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