Can I Get an Immigration Physical During the COVID Pandemic?

February 13, 2021

Immigration physicals are a critical need for any new permanent residents, workers on visa programs, and other immigrants coming into the country. The COVID-19 pandemic has complicated the process for patients to immigrate to the United States, but there are options to help secure efficient and fast immigration physicals for newly arrived residents.

AFC Urgent Care Warrington offers immigration physicals for patients that need to establish a permanent or temporary residency in the U.S. Our certified experts and providers are highly experienced in immigration health services and physicals, which means that you’re seen by the best medical providers in this field. If you have any additional questions about immigration physicals during the pandemic, please keep reading the rest of the blog below to get started:

Why do I need an immigration physical?

An immigration physical is key to ensure that patients are able to stay in the country during their visit. Regardless if you’re a permanent resident or visa worker you’ll need one in compliance with standard USICS requirements for US residency. An immigration physical is just like a primary care exam where you are evaluated on your overall health.

The physical will ensure that patients have the appropriate vaccinations and if they are in ideal health to successfully immigrate to the US. A provider at our urgent care center will coordinate your physical in a private exam room and help you navigate your next steps after the physical is completed.

Can I get an immigration physical at an urgent care center? Even during the pandemic?

Of course! AFC Urgent Care Warrington is a local urgent care center and walk-in clinic that offers immigration physicals to any patient that needs it.

Our provider teams utilizes CDC-recommended procedures and policies to ensure that any at-risk COVID patients are separated from other patients coming in for urgent care services like injury treatment and preventive care exams such as an immigration physical. Each patient that comes in will be triaged into separate sections of the clinic based on their symptoms and recent COVID-19 risks.

Additionally, staff also sanitize and disinfect all surfaces within the clinic and ensure that PPE, socially distancing, and infection risks are minimized during your visit.

How do I get started with my immigration physical?

At AFC Urgent Care Warrington, patients can book their physical online or by calling us directly on our main line. Urgent care services like physicals, injury treatment, and COVID testing are easily accessible for all local patients. If you need care today, then make sure you contact our team ASAP!

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