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Urgent Care Availability in Thornton, CO

New Patient FAQs at AFC Urgent Care Thornton

AFC Urgent Care Thornton has urgent care availability for all patients, including previous Rocky Mountain Urgent Care patients.

Are you looking for a full-service urgent care center that provides same-day healthcare? AFC Urgent Care Thornton has you covered! Our team welcomes all patients that need to switch to a new healthcare provider or urgent care center. We are dedicated to providing quality, affordable, and convenient services for all of our patients– new and returning. Whether you’re looking for a new urgent care provider for preventive care, like x-rays and lab testing, or immediate services like pediatric urgent care, our team is here for your individual needs.

Patients that are affected by the Rocky Mountain Urgent Care closure on March 5th, 2023, can easily switch to AFC Urgent Care Thornton. Consult your previous Rocky Mountain Urgent Care location about the transfer for any medical records or documents needed for follow up care. Our clinic is open seven days a week and operates on a walk-in basis.

AFC Urgent Care Thornton is conveniently located in Thornton, CO at 2616 E 120th Ave. If you’re located near Thornton, Northglenn, Eastlake, Henderson, Todd Creek or surrounding communities in Colorado, visit our clinic today! Patients can reserve a spot online or simply visit in person. If you need more details, please consult our frequently asked questions (FAQs) below:

New Patient FAQs for Urgent Care:

Q. Are you accepting all patients from Rocky Mountain Urgent Care? When can I visit AFC Urgent Care Thornton?

A. We are accepting all new patients, including those from Rocky Mountain Urgent Care, at this time! In fact, patients just need to visit our walk-in clinic to get started with any urgent care services.

Q. Do you take patients from any Rocky Mountain Urgent Care location? Can I visit today?

A. Patients from any Rocky Mountain Urgent Care facility can get urgent care at AFC Urgent Care Thornton. Patients from the W 92nd Ave location, along with any other patient in the greater Denver/Thornton area, are welcome at our facility. We are open seven days a week and operate on a walk-in basis.

Q. What types of insurance do you accept for urgent care? Do you offer self-pay for urgent care?

A. AFC Urgent Care Thornton accepts most major insurances for urgent care services. Just contact us directly if you have any questions about insurance information. In addition, we do have affordable self-pay rates for patients that need to pay out-of-pocket for urgent care.

Q. What are the main services that I can receive as a walk-in patient at AFC Urgent Care Thornton?

A. Our urgent care center and walk-in clinic offers preventive care such as x-rays, STD and UTI testing, blood work and lab testing, injury treatment, and pediatric urgent care. Many of our services are available on the same day as your visit without the wait at a hospital or specialty facility.

Q. I need urgent care in the near future. What should I do if I want to plan my visit?

A. To plan your visit in the future just click on any of the “Reserve Your Spot” buttons on the website or below. AFC Urgent Care Thornton accepts pre-registered patients that are new or returning to the clinic. Click here to learn more about “Reserve Your Spot.”

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