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Pre-Employment Physicals

In order to make sure employees are kept safe and healthy while on the job, employers need to put health and safety guidelines in place and depending on the field, require pre-employment physicals to make sure new hires are physically able to perform duties required by their new position. By working with AFC Urgent Care Thornton, local businesses in Thornton, Broomfield, Westminster and the surrounding communities can ensure their employees are healthy enough to start working productively and successfully. Our urgent care center works with businesses to determine what is needed for a passing physical and the requirements for job performance. Our center is open seven days a week and offers easily accessible physicals for all new hires and employees. 

Why should I use AFC Urgent Care Thornton for employee physicals?

The need for pre-employment physicals may vary from field to field and depend on how your business functions. Pre-employment physicals are typically performed between the hire date and the start date. By using our walk-in clinic, new hires will be able to get necessary care and examinations without waiting for an appointment at their primary care office or with a specialist. Walk-in visits are always accepted at AFC Urgent Care Thornton, with any necessary follow-up care available at our center to begin as soon as possible. Visits at AFC Urgent Care Thornton are available on a first-come, first-serve basis.     

What kind of employment physicals are available at AFC Urgent Care Thornton?

In addition to pre-employment physicals, patients can get physicals for a number of employment needs at AFC Urgent Care Thornton. Physicals offered at our center include:

  • Pre-employment physicals
  • Return-to-work physicals
  • Lab testing and checkups
  • Hearing and vision checks
  • Immunization checks and updates

Walk-In Pre-Employment Physicals in Thornton, Broomfield & Westminster, CO

If you have employees who require physical examination before their start dates or require periodic examinations to make sure they are healthy for their position, visit AFC Urgent Care Thornton today! Our center is open seven days a week and offers extended hours so employees never need to worry about lost income due to leaving work. For questions please call 720-751-2910.

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