On-site Lab Testing in Stamford, CT

Sometimes the hardest part about being sick is not knowing why you’re sick and where you can seek treatment.  Luckily, at AFC Urgent Care Stamford, our on-site lab enables us to diagnose a variety of non-life threatening illnesses and medical conditions, as well as performing Routine testing, no appointment necessary!

Some of our testing services include:

Our on-site lab allows us to complete testing faster to provide quick results and, in turn, quick care. Our center never requires an appointment and walk-ins are encouraged. We are open night and weekends making it easy to find a time to stop in for testing.

When results are in, our doctors and team will review results with you and offer further care or guidance if necessary. Our team of professionals is available to answer any questions throughout the process.

Whatever reason you may have for testing, we at AFC Urgent Care Stamford can perform the testing. Visit us today at 3000 Summer Street in Stamford, CT or call (203) 969-2000.