Preventing Men's Health Issues Is The Foundation of Men's Health Month: Promote Preventative Care

May 31, 2023

Guy Wearing A Blue Shirt For Men’s Health Month Focusing On Health Issues That Men Can Easily Prevent By Getting A Check-up At AFC Urgent Care Springfield

Men's health concerns demand more attention and dialogue about ways to prevent them. Among the prevalent issues affecting men, heart disease, prostate cancer, and testicular cancer stand out as serious diseases responsible for millions of deaths each year.

Given men's tendency to neglect medical appointments, it is crucial to emphasize the importance of regular check-ups, enabling early detection and treatment to prevent these health issues. 

AFC Urgent Care Springfield strongly advocates for men to prioritize preventive care. In observance of Men's Health Month in June, we have developed a comprehensive guide addressing the most common age-related health concerns faced by men.

Prevention Through Early Detection Is Key To Avoiding These Common Health Issues In Men:

  • Heart disease
  • Prostate cancer
  • Testicular cancer
  • Diabetes
  • High blood pressure
  • High cholesterol
  • Low testosterone levels

Did you know that heart disease, specifically cardiovascular disease, ranks as the leading cause of death in the United States? Diabetes, high blood pressure, and high cholesterol also contribute to the risk of heart disease. Fortunately, these conditions share a commonality: they can be easily prevented by increasing the frequency of doctor's visits, adopting regular exercise, maintaining a healthy diet, and avoiding a sedentary lifestyle.

Undetected or untreated, these health conditions can lead to severe complications such as heart failure, stroke, heart attacks, kidney disease, amputations, and other related complications.

Regular check-ups with a urologist and self-examinations for testicular cancer at home can also play a pivotal role in preventing prostate and testicular cancers. Notably, testicular cancer is particularly prevalent among men aged 15-34. 

Workplace Injuries And Men: A Growing Concern

Moreover, men face increased risks of workplace injuries, too. Labor statistics consistently reveal a gender gap, highlighting the influence of job types on men's health risks. The higher incidence of injuries among men is primarily attributed to the nature of their occupations rather than an inherent attraction to danger. Industries such as roofing, construction, logging, and related fields pose the greatest risks for men.

June is also recognized as Health and Safety Month in the workplace. We strongly encourage men to undergo check-ups, adopt additional safety precautions at work, wear appropriate protective gear, and exercise caution on the job site. Remember, danger can often hide in unexpected places.

AFC Urgent Care Springfield Offers Men Preventative Care And Treatment For Injuries

We genuinely care about your well-being. Don't wait until problems escalate—visit us any day of the week to address your health concerns.

AFC Urgent Care Springfield offers routine check-ups encompassing cholesterol level checks, blood sugar screenings for diabetes, blood pressure evaluations, and more. Additionally, we provide workers' compensation services, X-rays, and treatments for minor injuries such as sprains, lacerations, and muscle pain.

Feel free to walk in any day of the week without an appointment or conveniently schedule an appointment online here. 

Remember, AFC Urgent Care Springfield is here to support you, provide medical guidance, and address your concerns. Don't delay—take control of your health today. Visit us and put your well-being first. Additionally, we offer the convenience of online payment, empowering you to effortlessly handle the check-in and check-out processes with utmost efficiency by swiftly completing a few clicks.

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