Angry Bee Season: What Do You Do If You Get Stung By A Bee

August 24, 2021

BUZZ BUZZ…We’re now approaching angry bee season!   During the late summer and early fall, bees and wasps become really aggressive and are more likely to sting you if provoked. Specifically, yellow jackets are the ones getting angry and stinging everyone because they’re getting close to the end of their life cycle and are preparing to die off. Bee stings hurt!.... and for some they can be potentially fatal, if you’re allergic ...

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Getting Your Annual Physical Before Going Back To School

August 17, 2021

Come August, your child is going to be needing their annual physical to prepare for a new school year. It’s the most important physical of the year and it covers a whole lot more than a sports physical or check up. And, guess what?! This school year is going to be In-person. So, if your child skipped their physical last year, you don’t want them to miss this. An annual physical will help ...

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