RSV and The Flu: A Comparative Guide for Understanding and Prevention

October 1, 2023

​​ In the world of contagious diseases, Influenza (commonly known as the flu) and Respiratory Syncytial Virus (RSV) are two names that often come up. Both are viral infections that mainly target the respiratory system and are notorious for their contagious nature. They share several common symptoms including coughing, fever, and a runny nose. However, it's essential to recognize that they also have distinct differences in their epidemiology, risk factors, and potential complications. AFC Urgent ...

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How to Prevent RSV in Children And Adults

December 4, 2022

There are many strains of human respiratory viruses, some of which can be extremely dangerous for infants, children and even older adults with weaker immune systems. RSV is one of the preliminary viruses a child may develop that can be very challenging for their growing immune system. Even though it’s not the flu, RSV is often referred to as “the flu” because it commonly occurs during the same time period every year, usually between ...

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