School Sports Health Check for Your Child

May 10, 2022

Pre-participation exams, often known as sports physicals, are required before your child may begin competing. Setting the appointment at least six weeks before the start of the sport season gives you enough time to address any difficulties that are discovered, treat an existing injury, return for a follow-up exam, or enhance conditioning for a safe and healthy start to your child's sport season.

What is the purpose of a sports physical for your child?

It's a good idea for your child to undergo a sports physical examination before starting to play a sport. Before your child can participate in some sports programs, he or she may need to get a sports health check. A screening is offered by many school sports programs right at the school. The ideal option is to have a sports physical examination performed by your child's doctor during a standard visit.

A sports physical can detect some health issues that may pose a risk for your child in certain activities. It is not meant to prevent your child from participating in sports. It will provide you, your doctor, and your child's coaches with information that will assist you in protecting your child and properly regulating his/her improvement as time goes on.

A sports physical's purpose is to:

  • Examine the student athlete's overall health as well as his or her present fitness level.
  • Check for any existing illnesses or injuries, including those that are life-threatening.
  • Assist in identifying diseases or situations that may put your athlete at risk of illness or injury.
  • Make certain that any chronic medical issues are properly treated.
  • Provide injury prevention and sports participation safety techniques.

What does a school physical examination entail?

Physical examinations at school are simple and painless. The physician will:

  • Keep a weight and height record.
  • Examine the vital signs
  • Examine the child's eyesight and hearing.
  • Examine the heart, lungs, abdomen, ears, nose, and throat for any abnormalities.
  • Examine the posture, joints, strength, and flexibility of the child.

Gather any records that your doctor may require prior to your child's sports physical. This includes information on:

  • Any injuries or health issues
  • Other medical or dental examinations.
  • Any serious illness in your family.
  • Vaccines to prevent diseases like measles and mumps from infecting your child: The doctor will review your child's vaccine record. Your child may get any needed vaccines to bring the record up to date.

If your child has not yet had a physical examination, you should consider arranging one for them before the start of the school year. Taking care of this as soon as possible guarantees that your child does not miss out on any events in which they choose to participate.


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