How Long Do Seasonal Allergies Last?

April 15, 2023

How Long Do Seasonal Allergies Last?

Spring has arrived and we don’t know about you, but we are excited about the change in season! However, those of us who experience seasonal allergies always embrace this seasonal change with some hesitation.

If you suffer from seasonal allergies, you know just how frustrating they can be. They can cause a wide variety of symptoms and be particularly stubborn at this time of year.

If you have seasonal allergies and are hoping to find some relief this year, our AFC Urgent Care Indian Trail team explains more below.

Why Does My Body React to Pollen?

Allergens can range from peanuts to pollen! Each person’s immune system is different and unique, so it can be hard to predict if you will experience an allergic reaction to something. When someone has an allergy, his or her body has recognized that substance as dangerous and responds accordingly.

For those who have seasonal allergies, this process is the same, just on a milder scale. Since pollen isn’t inherently dangerous, the symptoms you experience tend to not be life-threatening. They are just annoying as your body releases histamine and other chemicals into your system to help you combat the “intruder.”

Seasonal Allergy Symptoms to Expect

  • Runny nose
  • Itchy, watery or red eyes
  • Sneezing
  • Fatigue

When Will I Find Relief for My Allergies?

Staying inside during high pollen count days and keeping your windows and doors shut can be really helpful in managing your symptoms. Once the pollen levels start to drop, you should be feeling better relatively quickly. Usually pollen levels last two to three weeks before dropping, so hope is on the horizon for you!

In the meantime, focus on symptom management by staying on top of your medications. OTC allergy medication can help keep your symptoms mild or even at bay. Whether your allergies are new or if you have always struggled with your symptoms, come see us! Our team can help evaluate your specific symptoms and help come up with the best medication choice for you.

Common Allergy Treatments

  • Antihistamines
  • Decongestants
  • Nasal corticosteroids
  • Reduced exposure to your triggers

Seasonal allergies can be frustrating! Let us help you feel better at AFC Urgent Care Indian Trail.

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