Should a Fracture Be Treated?

June 15, 2023

Getting hurt can be a pain, literally! Even though you do your best to avoid injury and stay safe, accidents happen and they can leave you with a stubborn injury. Thankfully, many minor injuries like cuts, scrapes and strains will heal on their own. However, if you ever suspect a broken bone, you need to get it evaluated right away. You should always take bone injuries seriously because if you don’t treat them properly ...

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Urgent Care for Broken Bones & Fractures: What Urgent Care Treats

June 12, 2023

If you have a broken bone or a fracture, urgent care may be able to help. Learn the different types of fractures (broken bones), what we treat, and when to go to the ER vs. urgent care. How Do You Know a Bone is Broken? Every year, millions of people break a bone. Broken bones typically result from a trauma like a fall, car accident, or sports injury. Medical conditions such as osteoporosis or repetitive ...

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How Do You Challenge Your Brain?

June 1, 2023

For many of us, life is all about organizing chaos into a predictable routine, right? You probably wake up, get everyone out the door to school and work, get home, throw together dinner and chauffeur everyone around for evening activities. Finally, it’s bath, books and bedtime. Once your house is quiet, are you on the couch with the remote in hand? If that sounds familiar, you are not alone. It can be hard to ...

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