Is Norovirus Dangerous?

May 22, 2024

by Julianna Atchley | Apr 28, 2024 | Walk In Clinic As you head out for the annual family picnic, you do a quick assessment making sure you have what you need, including a cooler and plenty of ice. Last summer, half the extended family got sick for a few days after the picnic. Suspicions ran high about what and whose food may have caused it. Several relatives even began pointing fingers. Though the cause was never ...

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Are Babies Affected by Seasonal Allergies?

April 13, 2024

by Julianna Atchley | Apr 14, 2024 | Family Health Spring is here, and the city is bursting with vibrant colors, signaling the arrival of warmer weather and outdoor fun. As you explore the parks with your children, you may notice that your baby is more congested and fussier than usual. This can make you wonder if they are experiencing seasonal allergies. Let’s delve into what seasonal allergies are, whether babies can get them, and how ...

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Are Heartburn and GERD the Same Thing?

March 27, 2024

From Cajun to BBQ, to Mexican, you love trying it all! You’ve been working your way through a list of local restaurants, marking your favorites, and finding hidden gems along the way. But the last few weekends of your hunt have taken a turn. Your love of spice remains, but it suddenly seems as if spice no longer loves you. Shortly after eating, you’ve been experiencing an uncomfortable burning sensation creeping up from ...

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Do I Have Seasonal Allergies or a Sinus Infection?

March 9, 2024

  As you eagerly anticipate the beginning of strawberry picking season and perhaps even a trip to pick your own bucket of fresh, sun-ripened berries, you may be bracing yourself for the familiar discomforts brought on by allergies and the seemingly inevitable sinus infections. You might wonder how exactly it is that the sinuses function and why they, at times, make your life truly miserable. Understanding how the sinus system works can help you better navigate ...

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Why am I Lactose Intolerant as an Adult?

February 19, 2024

Are breakfast cheesy grits from Easy Like Sunday or brunch from the South End Leroy Fox a go-to comfort food for you as a child of the American South? Have they recently become less of a comfort? Perhaps you have grown accustomed to eating foods from your favorite food group, dairy, with abandon. From a habit of having a huge glass of milk for breakfast to two heaping scoops of ice cream for dessert, you ...

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How Are Kidney Stones Treated?

February 7, 2024

We’ve all heard stories of the pain related to kidney stones, but what are they and how can we avoid them? For helpful tips from our AFC Urgent Care Indian Trail team, read on. What Is a Kidney Stone? A kidney stone is a hard deposit that forms in the kidney when substances in the urine, such as calcium and uric acid, turn into crystals. Many are the size of a pea or smaller ...

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What Happens If You Get Salmonella Poisoning While Pregnant?

January 27, 2024

If you are pregnant, you are probably doing everything you can to have a safe, healthy pregnancy. Exercising, eating properly, and getting enough sleep are necessary for anyone’s well-being, but it’s especially important while pregnant. Indian Trail has plenty of outlets for staying healthy with your pregnancy. Try out Club Pilates for a new exercise routine with the green light from your OB/GYN. If you miss drinking coffee, check out Raw Crunch ...

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Can Humidifiers Prevent the Flu?

January 18, 2024

Getting the flu is not fun and can be quite serious if it goes untreated. Every year, flu season hits Indian Trail and people try all kinds of home remedies to feel better. An unconventional flu prevention method rising in popularity is a common household item: the humidifier. Next time you’re in town shopping at spots like White Barn Marketplace or grabbing a bite to eat at favorite local restaurants like The Trail House ...

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Why Do I Feel Sad During the Winter?

December 28, 2023

Why Do I Feel Sad When It Gets Cold Outside? Get More Vitamin D this Winter to Tackle Seasonal Affective Disorder (SAD) Have you ever heard someone say that they get seasonal depression in the winter? Seasonal Affective Disorder (SAD) is a real condition, commonly referred to as seasonal depression. It strikes during the winter, because colder and shorter days prevent us from getting our daily sunshine intake. Indian Trail has plenty of spots to ...

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Preventing and Treating Burns While Cooking

December 21, 2023

Preventing and Treating Cooking Burns during the Holidays As the holidays draw near in Indian Trail, families are gearing up to prepare the most important meals of the year to share with family and friends. While our humble Charlotte neighborhood boasts a delicious food scene with restaurants like the popular Farm Haus or local favorite Johnny K’s Restaurant, the holidays are a time for families to gather in their homes and enjoy home-cooked meals ...

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