How Can I Make My Home Healthier this Holiday Season?

December 17, 2020

How Can I Make My Home Healthier this Holiday Season?- AFC Urgent Care

We are all concerned with staying healthy and avoiding illness this holiday season. This year more than ever, it is important to avoid sickness to enjoy the peace and happiness the season can offer.

A clean and organized living space may help make that happen. Read on as our team at AFC Urgent Care Indian Trail offers some helpful insight into the benefits of cleanliness in your space!

Can Cleaning Reduce the Risk of Getting Sick?

Yes, regular cleaning kills germs, which can prevent illness! Messes are linked to stress and anxiety, which can make you more susceptible to sicknesses like colds and the flu.

Keeping a clean home can also make you more physically active, which has been linked to better overall well-being. If keeping a clean living space is challenging for you, consider the tips we’ve listed below.

Cleaning Tips

  • Consider creating a cleaning schedule. This way you will have certain days for certain rooms to make cleaning more manageable.
  • Keep surfaces clear. Do not allow things to pile up on counters and tables. That makes it easier to use disinfectant regularly.
  • Have organized spaces for all of your things. Keep storage boxes accessible so things do not accumulate. Everything should have a place.
  • Regularly donate or sell unused items. As you buy new things, get rid of old ones! This is an opportunity to give to someone who may need it more.
  • Clean as you go. Do not allow messes to sit for days. After you are finished using something, put it away!

How Does a Clean Home Affect My Mood?

It is not a surprise that a clean and organized home can ease stress, making you more productive and content. But did you know that the actual act of cleaning can also be a mood-booster?

Studies show that cleaning can give you a sense of control over your environment and can help calm your mind.

More Mental Benefits of Cleaning

  • Cleaning can release endorphins, which are the feel-good chemicals in your brain!
  • Symptoms of anxiety can be minimized by devoting just 10 minutes a day to organizing and cleaning your space.
  • Having a clean space can have an energizing effect, making you feel better.
  • Clutter and messes signal to your brain that there is work to be done which can make it difficult to fully relax.

Our team at AFC Urgent Care Indian Trail is passionate about your health. Visit us today with your questions and concerns. No appointment necessary!

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