Can Children Get Sciatica?

September 15, 2022

Can Children Get Sciatica?

Back pain can happen in children just like it can in adults. It is not uncommon for children to complain of pain, back spasms or leg pain from time to time. And sometimes, it may be due to sciatica.

Often misdiagnosed in children, sciatica can cause significant pain for a child. If your child is complaining of a burning or shooting pain that radiates down to his or her leg, it may be due to a sciatic nerve issue. Our team at AFC Urgent Care Indian Trail can help you distinguish the source behind your child’s pain and gives more details below.

Where Does Sciatica Come From?

When your child has sciatica, something has compressed down onto his or her sciatic nerve, causing pain and sometimes numbness around the area. The pain can be made worse when bending over or moving suddenly.

Many cases of sciatica can be attributed to a slipped disk or an injury to a disk. While sciatica is not as common in kids as it is in adults, it can still happen and it can be really painful for your little one!

Other Sciatica Symptoms

  • “Pins and needles” feelings in legs
  • Pain that worsens with movement or bending
  • Weakness in the lower back

How Can I Reduce My Child’s Back Pain?

Thankfully, sciatica pain is usually only a temporary problem and will resolve on its own within a week or two. The best way to help your child is to have him or her rest and ice the area to provide immediate relief.

You can also encourage gentle exercises to help release pressure on his or her back. After the pain has resided, support his or her overall health by providing healthy meals, proper sleep and an active lifestyle to reduce the risk of developing sciatica again.

When to Seek Medical Attention

  • You have sudden and severe pain in your low back
  • The pain follows a violent injury, like a car accident
  • You can no longer control your bladder or bowels

If you are struggling with symptoms of sciatica or they have persisted for a week or longer, come see us at AFC Urgent Care Indian Trail!

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