What Could My Headache Be Telling Me?

November 15, 2022

What Could My Headache Be Telling Me?

Having a headache can be such a literal pain! It can be hard to function normally throughout your day when your head is aching or throbbing. Thankfully, the large majority of headaches are minor and can be treated with some simple measures at home.

In rare cases, head pain can indicate an impending medical emergency. Knowing what signs to look out for can help keep you safe! Our AFC Urgent Care Farragut team explains dangerous headaches below.

Can I Treat My Headache at Home?

If your head starts to hurt during a normal day, you can try some simple treatments at home first like resting, drinking water and putting away your computer or phone for a while. If that helps, you may just have a tension headache or your body needs some hydration.

If those methods don’t work and your pain is getting worse, watch for any other emerging symptoms. Severe and localized pain could indicate blood clots, tumors or a stroke—and all of these situations are medical emergencies. If you are also experiencing any of these additional symptoms below, seek help immediately.

Additional Symptoms That Indicate an Emergency

  • Sudden and severe pain
  • Pain accompanied by fever or stiff neck
  • Headaches after an injury or accident
  • Vision changes
  • Numbness or paralysis on the body

Can AFC Treat My Headache?

When you come to see us, we will do a full history to determine if this pain is chronic, new or caused by a recent accident or injury. If we decide your pain is due to a primary headache, we can offer some pain relief options and we will discuss some strategies you can use at home if it happens again.

Secondary headaches are much more serious and will most likely require a hospital visit in addition to tests like CT scans and MRIs to figure out exactly what is going on. In any case, we can help diagnose the cause of your headache and help you seek the proper treatment for your condition.

Treating a Minor Headache at Home

  • Drink water.
  • Get plenty of rest in a quiet, dark room.
  • Take an OTC pain reliever or anti-inflammatory.
  • Drink a small amount of caffeine.

Headaches are something to always take seriously. If you are experiencing severe pain, come to AFC Urgent Care Farragut immediately.

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