Does It Mean I Have an Ear Infection If My Ear Is Clogged?

January 23, 2024

If My Ear Is Clogged, Do I Have an Ear Infection? Even though a clogged ear doesn’t usually cause pain, feeling a blockage or the frequent urge to pop your ears can be quite a nuisance. So, what actually causes the feeling of a clogged ear, and is it related to an ear infection? Our team at AFC Urgent Care Farragut is here to help you get to the bottom of your clogged ear ...

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Is Salmonella Dangerous to Get While Pregnant?

January 17, 2024

Is It Dangerous to Get Salmonella While Pregnant? It’s no secret that your pregnancy diet comes with its own set of must-eats and must-avoids, courtesy of your OB/GYN. While it might seem a bit overwhelming, these guidelines are crucial for your health and your baby’s well-being, especially as salmonella outbreaks are on the rise. Let’s face it, food poisoning is the last thing anyone wants, but during pregnancy, it’s particularly ...

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