Could I Have Gout?

August 15, 2020

If you have this painful type of inflammatory arthritis (which can affect any joint, thought it typically hits the toes), you know it hurts. But there are ways to convince gout to go easy on your body. If you’re plagued by joint pain such as gout, our team at AFC Urgent Care Farragut can help you find relief. What Causes Gout? Sometimes, your body can build up too much uric acid. The acid causes ...

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How Much Exercise Do I Really Need?

August 1, 2020

Exercise is packed with a plethora of benefits, and in the long run, it doesn’t take that much of a time investment. Read on as our team at AFC Urgent Care Farragut talks you through the basics of exercise, including how much you should be getting. Why Do I Need to Exercise? Let’s flip that on its head: Why wouldn’t you exercise? Physical activity offers a ton of benefits for both your ...

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