Are X-rays Really Necessary?

May 18, 2021

Definitely! We understand that you will be dealing with radiation and higher costs at times, but not getting an X-ray when dealing with lots of pain can increase your risk of long-term injury and other health complications. Our AFC Urgent Care Farragut provides some additional info on X-rays below, so read on! What Are X-rays, Anyway? X-rays are a form of electromagnetic radiation used to create images of bones, joints and soft tissue structures inside ...

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How Can I Prevent Future Kidney Infections?

May 5, 2021

Although kidney infections are rare, they’re quite serious. In fact, when left untreated, kidney infections can be life-threatening! Certainly, nobody wants to experience anything like that, so how can you stay healthy and protect your kidneys? Our AFC Urgent Care Farragut team has some answers, so read on. What Are Kidney Infections? When harmful bacteria get into the kidneys, it can cause an infection. The bacteria that cause kidney infections usually come from another ...

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