Why Are My Allergies Worse in the Fall?

September 15, 2019

What Causes Sinus Problems During the Fall Season? Ragweed is certainly the biggest allergy trigger in the fall. This allergen usually emerges around late August and can last all through September and October. In addition to ragweed, mold is another common fall allergy trigger. Signs of Fall Allergies Sneezing Coughing Runny nose Sinus headaches Scratchy throat Poor sleep quality How Long Does Ragweed Last? Your fall allergy symptoms are going to last as long as ...

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How Can I Better Handle My Kids' Sports Season?

September 1, 2019

Do Sports Help Kids? While there are definitely physical benefits that come with playing sports, children are also able to develop skills they will need for a lifetime. For instance, they are able to learn the value of teamwork and how to play fair. In addition, children are able to learn how to win and lose the right way, which is all a part of good sportsmanship. Benefits of Participating in Sports Ability to work ...

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