Is Alzheimer’s Disease Common?

June 18, 2023

  Alzheimer’s and other forms of dementia are a category of diseases that have a wide impact on families. Not only are they challenging for the person with the disease, but they can be really hard on the family watching a loved one lose precious memories and independence. Memory conditions are more common as people get older. In fact, over 55 million people are dealing with some form of dementia across the world right now ...

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Can AFC Treat My Fracture?

June 12, 2023

Injuries are unfortunately just a part of life sometimes. Even if you take good care of yourself and try to be safe whenever you are being active, accidents can happen. While simple injuries like minor cuts, sprains or strains will eventually heal on their own, certain injuries require medical attention in order to heal properly. If you get hurt and the pain is significant or you are worried about a possible broken bone, stop by ...

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Urgent Care for Broken Bones & Fractures: What Urgent Care Treats

June 12, 2023

If you have a broken bone or a fracture, urgent care may be able to help. Learn the different types of fractures (broken bones), what we treat, and when to go to the ER vs. urgent care. How Do You Know a Bone is Broken? Every year, millions of people break a bone. Broken bones typically result from a trauma like a fall, car accident, or sports injury. Medical conditions such as osteoporosis or repetitive ...

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