How to Keep Falls From Happening

December 16, 2021

How to Keep Falls From Happening- AFC Urgent Care

Falls happen at a high rate in the United States. More than one out of four older people fall each year, and once you fall once, it doubles your chances of falling a second time.

Luckily, there are things you can do to prevent falls from happening and potential serious injuries. Our AFC Urgent Care Cleveland team highlights some useful prevention tactics below, so keep reading!

  • Here’s what to do: Remove potential hazards. Fall hazards can come in many forms, but they most often come in the form of a stray wire, boxes or loose newspaper. If you see anything lying around that could potential in your walking path, tidy it up or remove it.
  • What to do next: Stay active. Avoiding a sedentary lifestyle is one of the best things you can do to lower your fall risk! You don’t even have to engage in strenuous exercise to be safer. For instance, choose activities that are generally pleasurable, such as walking or yoga.
  • What to do after: Watch for warning signs. Falls rarely happen without warning, so be on the lookout for things like unsteadiness, vision problems or medication side effects.
  • Something else to consider: Choose proper footwear. Slippery socks and slippers can cause falls, so consider wearing shoes or socks with rubber grips on the bottom to reduce your fall risk.
  • Another thing to keep in mind: Make the bathroom safer. Many falls happen due to slippery surfaces, and the bathroom is typically the most slippery room in the home. To help, consider adding non-slip mats in the bathtub and shower and installing grab bars around the bathroom.
  • One more tip: Light up your space. Not being able to see makes the risk of falling higher for anyone, no matter your age.
  • Action steps to take: As you get older, it’s important to have your eyes and hearing tested regularly. Small changes in sight and hearing, whether you realize it or not, can affect you and cause a fall.
  • Doctor recommendations: If you do fall, try to remain calm. Take a few deep breaths before getting up, feel your body to see if you’re hurt, and call a loved one or 911 if you are unable to get up. If you are injured, visit our AFC center for an X-ray to get a proper diagnosis.

Our AFC Urgent Care Cleveland team is here for you! Don’t hesitate to stop by today.

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