How Do You Stay Safe While Swimming?

June 16, 2019

How Do You Stay Safe While Swimming?- AFC Urgent Care

As soon as the weather starts to warm up, the first thing your family might be excited to do is take a jump in the pool! And who can blame them, especially with the temperatures already hitting the 90s in Cleveland? However, while our team at AFC Urgent Care Cleveland wants you to have fun in the pool this summer, we also want to make sure you are staying safe around the water.

Can You Drown in the Swimming Pool?

Yes. Did you know that approximately 350 children under age 5 drown in pools each year nationwide? Believe it or not, children, especially young children, can drown in less than two inches of water. And while drowning is the most significant injury associated with pools, it’s not the only one.

Main Causes of Swimming Pool Accidents

  • Slips
  • Falls
  • Electrocution
  • Drain-related injuries
  • Drowning

How Do I Keep My Pool Safe?

If you have a pool at your home, there are even more precautions you need to take. You are responsible for what occurs in and around the pool. Ensure your pool is surrounded by a gated fence that’s at least 4 feet tall, not climbable and has vertical slats no more than 4 inches apart. The gate latch should be inaccessible to children. Your pool drains should always be covered, and you need to promote safe swimming.

Swimming Safety

  • Never swim alone.
  • Children should always be supervised by an adult while in the water.
  • A strong swimmer should be within arm’s distance of children younger than 12 and weak swimmers.
  • If you are fatigued, stay out of the water.

Did you obtain an injury while at the pool? Visit the AFC Urgent Care Cleveland team today for a medical evaluation.

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