Get Your Child Ready for Camp! | Cleveland, TN Walk-In Clinic

June 2, 2017

Get Your Child Ready for Camp! | Cleveland, TN Walk-In Clinic- AFC Urgent Care

The team at AFC Urgent Care Cleveland remembers how fun summer break was when we are younger. We want to help you make sure your children are just as excited for the adventures ahead! Hello, Mother / Hello, Father / Here I am at, Camp Grenada! The Cleveland area has a wide variety of summer camps available to help keep your children entertained. From vacation bible school at various churches in town to different sports camps at Cleveland High School to YMCA’s Camp Ocoee, the sky is the limit for what your children are able to do this summer. While camp is filled with fun, it can still cause some normal worries for your little one. Whether you choose a day camp or an overnight camp, your child may have some anxiety about the camp. If you’re still deciding on a camp for your child, let him or her be a part of the process. By letting your little one be a part of the decision, it will help your child see this experience as the positive that it is, instead of feeling forced into something he or she never wanted in the first place. Help prepare your child for camp by talking about it before the event arrives. Get your child excited about all the fun things in store by talking about the various activities he or she can expect. You can also tell your child about how much fun you had when you went to camp and about the new friends you made. Focus on the positives. When helping your child pack, allow him or her to bring some items along that will help provide comfort and remind your child of home. Whether it’s a book you always read, a special shirt or a pillow from his or her bedroom, these simple reminders can help combat homesickness. Does your child need to get up-to-date on vaccines before heading off to summer camp? Stop by AFC Urgent Care Cleveland to make sure your child has all the vaccines he or she needs in order to have a safe and fun time at camp!

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