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Occupational Health in Cedar Grove at AFC Urgent Care

Certain professions have more specific physical and health guidelines to meet than others, depending on the field and requirements of the job at hand. If your job requires physical labor including lifting or driving, your employer has an obligation to ensure that you can perform your duties without injuring yourself or others. AFC Urgent Care Cedar Grove works with local businesses to provide testing, treatment, and examinations to each organization’s unique standard, including:

>When & Why Your Business Needs Occupational Health Services

Employers have a duty to keep their workers safe while on the job or on location. Jobs that require more physical effort, including driving, flying, and heavy lifting may set certain requirements for employees to meet in order to prevent accidents and injuries. Ensuring that each employee can perform their duties safely will keep your workplace productive and healthy.

Occupational Health Services in Cedar Grove & Montclair, NJ

If you are in the middle of your hiring process and require your potential employee to undergo a physical or drug screen, contact AFC Urgent Care Cedar Grove to set up occupational health services for your business or organization. With all tests and examinations performed and processed on-site, we will be able to provide efficient results to keep your hiring process and employment moving at a good pace. For questions about our services, please call (973) 239-2300.


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