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BasicMed Flight Physicals

Staying healthy is part of maintaining your pilot license, allowing you to fly large and small aircraft safely. Every two years, you will need to undergo a physical exam in order to maintain your certification without a medical condition interfering with your ability to safely operate the aircraft. You will need to follow several steps before your examination.

Prior to BasicMed Flight Physicals

  • Completing the FAA self-assessment form
  • Scheduling an examination with a licensed physician
  • Completion of the AOPA Online Medical Education course
  • Making sure you meet the requirements of FAR 61.56, as well as other flight proficiency and instrument certifications

During Your Flight Physical

Your physician will be able to perform a full physical examination as well as any necessary tests right in our facility, providing you with results in a timely manner. During your BasicMed Flight Physical, your doctor will perform a full examination, going over your medical history as well as any past or current physical or mental conditions you may have had and any medications you are on, both prescription and over-the-counter. After your physical, your doctor will be able to complete a state-mandated checklist to declare the pilot safe and cleared for flight.

BasicMed Flight Physicals for Pilots in Cedar Grove, NJ

If you are in need of a BasicMed Flight Physical to maintain your pilot’s license and certifications, visit your local AFC Urgent Care Center. For more information about physicals, please call us at (973) 239-2300.


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