How to Treat an Injury I Got on the Job

April 15, 2022

While employers and employees take special care to avoid injury at work, they can still happen, even with precautions and training. Knowing how to deal with a workplace injury is crucial, especially if you want to get back to work soon. Below, we’ve got all the information you need on how to treat an injury you got on the job, so you don’t miss out on compensation or getting back to work. Keep reading to learn more!

What Should I Do First?

The first thing to do, if possible, is to let your employer know that you were hurt at work. If there was an accident, make sure your employer knows what happened and who was involved. If your injury is an emergency, have another employee fill your boss in. If you believe you are experiencing symptoms due to long-term work duties or exposure to chemicals, let your boss know your suspicions and let them know you are seeking treatment.


You should get treated for your workplace injury as quickly as possible. One reason for this is that the sooner you seek medical help, the more likely you are to have a complete and successful recovery, depending on the injury. Another reason is that the faster you act on treatment, the less likely your employer will be to deny that the injury is work-related. Getting treatment soon after your injury or accident will help you get the compensation you are entitled to.

If the injury caused by an incident at work is severe or life-threatening, you should go to a hospital’s emergency room for immediate treatment.

If it is not an emergency, make sure you know your workplace’s policy on treatment for injuries on the job. They may require you to see a specific doctor, or they may allow you to go to your medical professional of choice.

An urgent care center is an excellent choice for workplace injury treatment. Wait times are much lower than standard emergency rooms, and you don’t have to make an appointment as you would to see your GP.

What to Say to the Doctor?

When talking with your doctor or another medical professional, let them know precisely what happened and what symptoms you are experiencing. Be honest and exact in your descriptions, and make sure to include all the details of your symptoms, even ones that don’t seem important.


Your employer is required to pay for your workplace injury-related healthcare costs if the worker’s compensation claim is accepted. If your claim is denied, you may opt to pay yourself or have your insurance reimburse you. Claims can take some time, which is another reason to get started on treatment and paperwork as soon as possible.

If you have a mild or moderate work-related injury, treatment is just a short visit to a nearby urgent care center away. 

Worker’s Compensation and related injury treatment is always available at AFC Urgent Care Cedar Grove. Our urgent care center offers walk-in clinic access seven days a week for our patients. Learn more by visiting today and get injury care!

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