Pneumonia is an infection in the lungs that can leave you very sick. Symptoms include a cough, fever, and difficulty breathing. It can vary from mild to severe. Older adults, babies, and those already sick may experience more severe pneumonia.

Doctors will diagnose you by completing an examination and may order a chest x-ray and/or blood test. Pneumonia can be treated. If it is bacterial, antibiotics can be used to treat it. Always take all the antibiotics prescribed to you, even if you feel better. If it is viral, antibiotics may still be prescribed to prevent complications.

If you find yourself sick with pneumonia, get plenty of rest and sleep. Drink plenty of fluids. To treat cough symptoms, consider taking a cough medicine. A stronger cough medicine can be prescribed if needed.

To prevent pneumonia, avoid contact with those already sick with either the flu, colds, measles, or chicken pox. Pneumonia is common after these illnesses. Always wash you hands often or use an alcohol based hand sanitizer. 

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