Signs You Should Seek Medical Care For Your Lingering Cough

February 15, 2024

If you're sick and it seems like your cough is lingering longer than the rest of your symptoms - you’re not alone. There are many different things that can lead to a lingering cough. Although coughs sometimes go away on their own, there are cases when medical treatment may be necessary in order to resolve a lingering cough. If you’re experiencing a cough, you should seek medical treatment for proper diagnosis and treatment. AFC Urgent Care Thornton offers same-day cough diagnosis and treatment for patients near Thornton, CO.

Common Causes of a Cough

Coughing can be caused by many different illnesses. From a common cold, to allergies to a serious illness. Identifying the underlying cause of a cough can be tricky. Diagnosing a cough usually requires medical diagnosis to test for the presence of bacteria, viruses or allergens.

Many common illnesses can cause a cough, including:

  • Colds
  • The flu
  • COVID-19
  • RSV

If your cough is accompanied by other symptoms like congestion There are various environmental factors which can also cause you to cough. Dust, smoke and other irritants may cause your lungs to become irritated, which can cause you to cough. If your cough lingers for more than a week, or lingers longer than your other illness symptoms, you should seek medical care for treatment.

Can a Cough Come and Go

If you’re sick with a cough, it is not uncommon for your cough to linger longer than your other illness symptoms. Coughing occurs due to irritation to the lungs and airway. During the healing process, symptoms such as congestion and post-nasal drip can cause your airway to continuously be irritated. If your cough is not worsening, but lingers longer than your other symptoms, it may be lingering due to post-nasal drip.

In some cases, your cough may seem as if it has healed but then will come back. It is not unusual for a cough to come and go as you’re recovering from an illness. Different positions may irritate your lungs more than others. Exposure to cold or dry air outdoors may also cause a cough to flare up.

Signs Your Cough Needs Medical Treatment

Coughing can be an indication of an illness. If your cough is worsening over time, then you should seek medical care for treatment. A worsening cough can indicate a variety of different respiratory infections, some of which may require prescription antibiotics for treatment.

Your medical provider will evaluate your symptoms, including any additional illness symptoms you may be experiencing. They also may perform diagnostic testing, to determine whether there is an infection present. Based on the results of the examination and diagnostic testing, your medical provider will review the treatment options necessary to resolve your cough. This may include prescription antibiotics, over-the-counter medications or at-home remedies that you can use to manage the symptoms.

Visit AFC Urgent Care Thornton for Walk-In Cough Treatment in Thornton, CO

Having a cough that lingers can be an indication of an infection. If you’re experiencing a cough that won’t go away or is worsening over time, you should seek medical care for a diagnosis and treatment. At AFC Urgent Care Thornton, our clinic provides cough diagnosis and treatment on a walk-in basis for patients in Thornton, CO, and the surrounding communities. We never require that you schedule an appointment in advance, simply walk into the clinic or reserve your spot online using the button below.

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We understand that your time is valuable, which is why we offer short wait times so that you can get the care that you need when it’s convenient for you. We accept most medical insurance plans and offer affordable care options. Seeking medical care early can help you get better faster. Walk into the clinic today. For additional information regarding the clinic, contact us directly by calling (720) 751-2910.

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