Do Shin Splints Heal On Their Own?

August 15, 2023

With summer winding down and the school year on the horizon, many of us may be getting ready to start a new sport. Fall sports and physical activity are undoubtedly great for our overall health and well-being, however they also create a fair amount of risk for injury. One common injury associated with sport participation is known as shin splints. Shin splints are a common overuse injury that can occur when the muscles and bones in your lower leg pull and become irritated from running. In this blog, we’ll explore the causes and symptoms of shin splints and outline the recovery period.

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Shin Splints Causes and Symptoms

Shin splints, known medically as medial tibial stress syndrome, is a condition that causes pain along the shinbone due to inflammation of the muscles, tendons, and bone tissue surrounding the tibia. This ailment often affects athletes, runners, and those who engage in high-impact physical activity. The injury typically occurs from overuse or excessive strain on the lower leg. This can be from sudden increases in physical activity, poor running techniques, improper footwear, or an insufficient warm-up.

The pain associated with shin splints is typically:

  • Along the inner edge of the shinbone
  • A come-and-go discomfort
  • Worsen with continued activity
  • Mild discomfort that can progress to intense pain

Shin Splints Recovery Process

In many cases, mild to moderate shin splints will heal on their own. However, proper care is necessary for the healing process. Given the right conditions, rest, and patience, your shin splints injury will likely heal on its own. Rest is a fundamental aspect of the recovery process. Allowing the affected muscles and tendons to recover is essential to prevent further damage and facilitate the healing. If shin splint symptoms are picked up on early,

Getting Diagnosed and Treated at Urgent Care

Urgent care is a great resource for same-day injury care. Healthcare providers at urgent care can fully diagnose your injury with the highest accuracy. At AFC Urgent Care Thornton, we have digital x-rays on-site, meaning you can get diagnosed and treated all within the facility. Shin splints can be a difficult injury to self-diagnose. Be sure that your injury is not something more severe- like a fracture- by getting a professional diagnosis. Once evaluated and/or x-rayed, we can comprehensively treat your injury to ensure that you can get back to living life uninterrupted!

Get Same-Day Sports Injury Care at AFC Urgent Care Thornton

Do you have shin splints that aren’t recovering? Visit us at AFC Urgent Care Thornton for a full diagnosis, evaluation, and treatment plan. The center is equipped with on-site digital x-rays that allow for the most accurate and efficient diagnostics. We accept patients on a walk-in basis, making injury care easier than ever. Don’t suffer from your symptoms! Be sure that your injury is healing correctly with a walk-in visit to our urgent care center.

We accept most health insurance plans and offer cost-effective care for those without. If you have any additional questions about shin splints treatment, or other services we provide, please contact our office directly at (720) 751-2910.

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