How Bad Is It to Pull a Muscle?

August 3, 2021

How Bad Is It to Pull a Muscle?- AFC Urgent Care

Feeling that painful twinge in your lower back or neck can be scary. Many of us have likely experienced this feeling before, so how concerned should you be if you pull a muscle?

Our AFC Urgent Care of Tyvola Road team is here to provide some helpful answers and information on muscle strains, so read on!

How Severe Is a Pulled Muscle?

Pulled muscles, or muscle strains, vary in severity. A muscle strain occurs when your specific muscle is overstretched or torn, and the severity of the tear or overstretched muscle varies from mild to severe.

Mild to moderate strains can be successfully treated at home with ice, heat and anti-inflammatory medications. Severe strains or tears, however, may require medical treatment. If you aren’t sure if you’ve strained your muscle or not, we’ve listed some common signs of a pulled muscle below.

Muscle Strain Symptoms

  • Sudden onset of pain
  • Soreness
  • Limited range of movement
  • Bruising or discoloration
  • Swelling
  • A “knotted-up” feeling
  • Muscle spasms
  • Stiffness
  • Weakness

How Can I Tell If My Muscle Strain Is Severe?

A pulled muscle is always going to be painful, but some are more painful and require more care than others. In a mild strain, a torn muscle may feel slightly stiff, but still flexible enough for use. A severe muscle strain, however, is when the muscle is severely torn, and it usually results in a lot of pain and very limited movement.

The symptoms of mild to moderate muscle strains usually go away within a few weeks, but more severe strains may take months to heal. If you aren’t sure whether you should seek medical attention for your pulled muscle, we’ve listed some signs that point to necessary medical care from our AFC team below.

When to Seek Medical Treatment

  • The pain doesn’t subside after a week.
  • The injured area is numb.
  • There’s blood coming from your injury.
  • You can’t walk.
  • You can’t move your arms or legs.

If you’ve pulled a muscle, don’t wait to get the care you need! Visit AFC Urgent Care of Tyvola Road today.

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