June Is Men's Health Month; Men’s Health Concerns And Unintentional Injuries That Need Attending To

May 31, 2023

As men, it is crucial to acknowledge that our health undergoes significant changes as we age. Whether it's the weight gained during the COVID-19 pandemic or the realization that we experience more fatigue, aches, and overall unwellness than women in general, these signs serve as indicators for the need to take proactive measures for our health. With aging, we become more susceptible to injuries and health issues, but it is essential to understand that ...

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Here’s What Happens During a Physical for Sports Exam

May 10, 2023

Physical for sports exams, also known as pre-participation physical examinations (PPEs), help determine whether a person is physically fit to participate in organized sports activities. This physical exam aims to identify any possible medical conditions that could put the athlete at risk for severe injury or illness during practice or competition. Sports physicals are typically done annually, though some states may require more frequent exams based on age and the type of sport being played ...

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Deer Ticks and Lyme Disease: What You Need to Know

May 3, 2023

  Lyme disease continues to be a concern for people living in the Northeast, especially since spring came early and insects and other little buggers are now out and about.  If you haven’t come across one yet, deer ticks are small, black-legged ticks that are common in wooded areas and grassy plains.  So, if you’re out and about, are in your backyard, or on a hike, you’re going to want to avoid deer ...

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