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Vaccinations Walk-In Clinic Questions and Answers

If you are looking for you and for your family to get up-to-date vaccinations, visit AFC Urgent Care today! AFC Urgent Care provides vaccines for adults, children and for international travel. For more information call us or schedule an appointment online with a professional today. We serve patients from Riverview FL Bloomingdale FL, Adamsville FL Valrico FL, East Tampa FL, Gibsonton FL and Brandon FL.

Vaccinations Walk-In Clinic Questions and Answers

Vaccinations, also known as immunizations, are important for two reasons: they help protect you from getting an infectious disease; and when you are vaccinated, it helps protect others as well. Vaccines are safe. And it is much safer for you to get the vaccines than an infectious disease.

There has long been confusion and misunderstandings about vaccines, but they are an important part of family and overall public health. Vaccines prevent the spread of dangerous and deadly diseases, which include polio, measles, chicken pox, mumps, whooping cough, diphtheria, HPV, flu, and COVID-19.

Let’s go back – way back to the discovery of the first vaccine for the smallpox. The deadly illness has killed almost 300 to 500 million people around the world in the last century, but after the vaccine was given to people, the disease was eventually erased. There are other diseases that are close to that point, one being polio.

Vaccinations are simply a way to build your body’s natural immunity to a disease before you get sick, which keeps you from getting and spreading the disease.

Here is a sneak-peak with how immunity works. Your body builds a defense system to fight off foreign germs that could hurt you or make you sick – that’s your immune system. In order to build up your immune system, your body must be exposed to a number of different germs. When your body is exposed to a germ, it produces antibodies to fight it. But that does take time and you normally get sick before the antibodies have built up. However, once you have antibodies, they remain in your body, so the next time you are exposed to that germ, the antibodies will attack it, and you won’t get sick.

Vaccines are recommended for newborns, children, teenagers, and adults.

Where do I go to get a vaccine?

Getting vaccinated is easy and convenient – you can get most recommended vaccinations at your doctor’s office, and many are available at local pharmacies, health departments, travel clinics, health centers, and urgent care clinics. Don’t know which vaccine to receive? Are you sure you are up to date with all your vaccinations? When in doubt, consult with a medical professional, like your private doctor or a doctor or health care professional at an urgent care clinic in your area.

Where can I get travel vaccinations near me?

Your local doctor, health center, health department, travel clinic, or urgent care center provides travel vaccinations, however, it is best to contact them to see what exact immunizations you will need and if they offer them. For example, you may need to visit a travel clinic for one vaccination, and an urgent care center for another. It’s always best to ask questions first and give yourself plenty of time to get vaccinated before your big trip – don’t wait to the last minute.

Why should my family and myself get vaccinated?

There are several reasons why you and your family need to get vaccinated.

Here is a list of why immunizations are important and the benefits:

  • Vaccine-preventable diseases have not gone away, so you need to protect yourself and others.
  • Vaccines will help keep you and your family healthy.
  • Vaccines might mean the difference between life and death.
  • Vaccines are safe and among the safest in all of medicine.
  • Vaccines will not give you the disease that they were designed to prevent.
  • Young and healthy people can also get sick.
  • Vaccine-preventable diseases are expensive (being sick with the flu or getting Hepatitis A could mean losing two weeks to a month off work).
  • Vaccines are the safest and convenient preventative care measures available.

What vaccines do you offer?

Is your next adventure Africa? How about Asia? It doesn’t matter where you are traveling, talk to our team at AFC Urgent Care here in Riverview, FL, as we offer travel vaccinations. Make sure you receive your vaccinations 4-6 weeks before departure and also speak to us about any medications you might need. Also, make sure you book travel insurance while away from home – it’s always good to stay protected in the event of an emergency.

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